UHNW & HNW Women: Trusting The Release Of Your Fear, part1

I am a happy, smiling, rich woman who loves Face Everything And RISE coaching for UHNW & HNW Women because I like to use RISE and Trust coaching

UHNW and HNW Women
Trusting The Release Of Your Fear

part 1

Living in affluence does not mean following or obeying the mainstream tribe of affluence. It means embracing YOUR difference & dealing with the calling of abundance from day to day.

Join today’s conversation on why you as an affluent professional woman, High Net Worth (HNW) or Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) Woman, should look carefully at your situation of fear and take the most appropriate actions that you feel you would be able to handle. Time is of the essence for you to get to grips with your fear and really live a free life. I understand that you want to achieve as much as possible as the years fly by. You are getting older and you feel there is still so much that you want to do before your time is up.

Mingled into this are the expectations of others. The others who are YOUR life partner (husband, fiance, boyfriend, gentleman friend, wife, girlfriend, lover, lady friend). The others who are YOUR family (near and distant, bloodline and step family). The others who are YOUR ‘friends’. The others who are YOUR colleagues. The others who are stakeholders in YOUR life.

You are an affluent professional woman, HNW or UHNW Woman and you have experienced a myriad of life trials and tribulations. You have been through levels of hate, stress, anger, self loathing, emotional upheaval, tears and tantrums. You have also danced along your life journey in the giddiness of joy, happiness, affection, glee, love, elation and adoration.

So, you are what you are and that is an affluent woman. You are shy or an introvert. Perhaps with low level autism. You live in an affluent home. You live an affluent lifestyle. You have weight fluctuations. You have dietary impulses. You have relationship quandaries. Yet presently you are dealing with a fear situation that is causing you some concern. Perhaps you are thinking about your worth in your relationship. Perhaps you are thinking about your belief in your own self. You feel out of sorts somehow within your affluence. So today this is where you find yourself. Considering a change. Considering a release from something that is not sitting well within your existence as an affluent woman.




1a. A very unpleasant or disturbing feeling caused by the presence or imminence of danger; for example ‘our fears intensified as the storm approached.’

1b. A state or condition marked by this feeling, living in constant fear of attack; for example ‘he saved as much as he could for fear of losing his job.’

2. A feeling of disquiet or apprehension; for example ‘a fear of looking foolish.’

3. A reason for dread or apprehension; for example ‘being alone is my greatest fear.’

4. Extreme reverence or awe, as toward a deity.

(v.) feared, fear·ing, fears


1. To be afraid or frightened of; for example ‘a boy who fears being bullied.’

2. To be uneasy or apprehensive about; for example ‘we all feared what we would see when the doors closed.’

3. To consider probable; expect; for example ‘I fear you are wrong on this matter.’ ‘I fear I have bad news for you.’

4. To revere or be in awe of; for example, a deity.


1. To be afraid; for example ‘your injury is minor. Don't fear.’

2. To be uneasy or apprehensive; for example ‘we fear for the future of the business.’

Now all of us have felt fear in our lives for some duration. If you think about it we live in a very fearful time in history.

We live in a society that is full of fear.

People are fearful about losing their job, their home, their health, their family, their friends, their position. You name it people are fearful of it.

Lots of things and situations infringe on our lives and cause fear.

In spite of all that you are trying to tell yourself not to live in fear and either fight or flight from a situation.

When members of your community and your peers tell you not to feel dread, one’s usual response is, “Yes, but you do not understand that I have this fear and it feels real. It is real. I am so afraid!” A thoughtful confidante would not be objectionable, or, pooh-pooh the feeling of anxiety, fright, dread or fear within another individual that is seeking help and feels that their fear is real. HOW would you feel in such a society where people were only telling you to keep a stiff upper lip? Or, encouraging the fear that you are feeling and making your fright, anxiety or worry 10x more excruciating within your life. How would you feel?

Now suppose you were in the presence of someone who cared about what you were; or are, going through. Either in a 1:1 session or where you are in a group therapy session. That someone would ask you “OK, so how did you get into this position in the first place?”

Now suppose, that no-one asks you that question, but you ask yourself that question instead. That question of how you arrived where you are with so much anxiety, dread, fright or fear. If you live in a strict religious location, or live in an area amongst people who add religion to their daily life, one reason may be that you feel as though you have violated a segment of scripture; or a set of scriptures, from your religious upbringing and Sunday school readings. Or ‘any other day School’ for that matter, where you had to attend religious education. Through your religious peer pressure, your mind is focused on the fear of the ‘Almighty’ and maintaining ‘His’ bidding. You end up judging your actions against that of others. Especially now with the growth of the Internet, social media and the court of public opinion. Your ‘error’ that brought on the anxiety, dread, fright or fear, was that you decided that you wanted to live the way that you wanted without the cumbersome religious teachings feeling like a shackle upon you. You decided to live as many others had, have and are living; particularly in a more beneficial environment and, you were going to ignore some principles and teachings from your religious upbringing in getting to where you wanted to arrive in life. So what happens? You are seeing that you are living in an environment full of anxiety, fright, dread or fear.

Whether you are religious or not you have something in your life that is making you become highly anxious, incredibly frightened, full of dread or fearful of something/someone. Your mind at times plays tricks on you and your thoughts escalate to new heights of anxiety, fright, dread or fear. You are becoming too anxious over things that you should not have to be anxious over, but the line between thought and reality becomes blurred and increases your anxiety, dread or fear. This is compounded by the news that you watch on the television, or the news that you listen to on the radio, that stirs up the anxiety, dread or fear in your life all too easily.

So the question is, “How is a believer living in a fearful generation, at a fearful time in life and, at the same time, be the kind of individual that is strong enough to connect with powerful spiritual energy and DO the actions that they need to do in order to change their situation(s), to be the person that they will step into being, within their life journey?”

For me personally this is the most powerful actionable part of your life when engaging in your spiritual development. When you connect with your Higher Self, your Sovereign Self, your God Self (or whatever else you choose to call the energy that you call on for help) you connect with powerful energy. Your Higher Self, your Sovereign Self, your God Self is there to help you and has made commitments, or a pledge, to aid you along the journey that you are experiencing. It is important that each and every one of you go through the experiences that you are going through, take on board the lessons and release it when you feel that you have had enough of it. Do you remember the film entitled ‘Heat’ starring Robert de Niro and Al Pacino, there is a section of the film where they are having a conversation and Robert de Niro’s character states “...Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.” It is the attachment to a situation with something or someone that no longer favours you in abundance that you have to switch away from.

For many people they are caught up in the loop of trust issues, emotional pulls and success rollercoasters that bring about psychological dire straits turmoil and do not know how to escape from the attachment. Often the thoughts of suicide and self harm is a decision that enters the mind. This for some is the jumping off point. For others, they forge through life and hope for the best. This is all an experience of anxiety, fright, dread or fear that you wanted to go through from the position of a spirit wanting to experience human life before you were born and, you thought that you could manage the trials and tribulations of this life through being a powerful spiritual being. You soon found out that was not the case. However, the thing is this. You can leave this experience if you truly wanted to. That means dropping your attachment to the experience and stepping into another life experience. This is the pledge that you had made to yourself, but the memory of this had been erased before you entered this lifetime. Or the memory had been kept locked within your heart until you came across something or someone that could help to unlock it, because you are leading your life experiences from the head for most; if not all, of your lifetime. Not many people come to this realisation and they struggle through life tirelessly, attracting the wrong people and turning the corner to more bedlam and disappointment. You have to believe in change in order for change to sow its seed in your life journey. This change happens when you wholeheartedly access your spiritual energy and connect with that of your Higher Self, Sovereign Self, God Self, because this spiritual energy is interested in what you are doing, cares about you and wants to be involved in your life experiences.

Your Higher Self, Sovereign Self, God Self communicates with you, yet you do not see the signs, feel the signs or hear the signs. Your Higher Self, Sovereign Self, God Self is with you, so do not fear the help that it can bring to you. Do not feel dejected and alone within your ‘here and now’ situation. You are never alone. Your Higher Self, Sovereign Self, God Self communicates with you to strengthen you, to guide you and help you.

It is understandable that when you are in a vexing life situation that you want change, yet you want change to happen in a certain way. Sometimes change does not happen in the way that you expect. It takes the course that it can to deliver what it has to deliver to you in order to enable the change and the momentum of your life journey. For example, it could mean that all those who had served you with hostility will be left with shame and disrespect. Whilst others will demise in their own festering hate for you and grow an illness from it. It is important that you detach your energy from these individuals. Yes, I know, it is easier said than done for many people because you want vengeance right there and then.

The object here is to drop the attachment to people and situations that deter you. People and situations that serve you in a way that is not conducive to your happiness. To your reality. So you need to learn to let go of attachments to things and to people that cause you a disservice, in order for them to be gone from your life. Your Higher Self, Sovereign Self, God Self takes care of these situations; in cryptic, mystic or baffling ways, even though you may have forgotten that you asked for help, or, felt that your cries for help went unheard. It is when you do not ask for help that the energy of the attachment treats this acknowledgement of yours as you approving or liking your anxiety, fright, dread or fear circumstances, therefore it repeats a cycle of disservice to you that is built upon the previous situation.

So when you ask for help from your Higher Self, Sovereign Self, God Self you are calling upon powerful energy in your life to help you out. You must not be afraid of the help that arrives in your life. In whatever form it takes.

A question for you. How would you describe fear when you feel it or think about it in your life?

A definition was given to you at the start of this article regarding fear. In order to understand fear you need to understand the feeling of fear, because fear is an uneasy feeling that can attach itself to many things, people and situations if you allow it.

When you feel fear you experience the following. An uneasy feeling. A feeling of dread. A feeling of an alarm warning within / around you. A feeling of being threatened by a situation, something, or, someone.

SO you can say that it is:

an uneasy feeling.

a feeling of dread.

a feeling of alarm.

a feeling of being threatened (by something we can control or not control).

Fear is also a feeling of not being in control.

So the next time that you engage within the feeling of fear, this is what you are experiencing on a multitude of levels. When you are asleep and when you go about your daily business.

Conversely, there are many people who are in the energy of feeling afraid, yet do not think they are. There is this thought that to be afraid of something is to be weak. There is nothing weak in reacting through fear, instead of thinking of it as a weakness, take into account its wisdom that is being offered to you. When you are afraid of something then be willing to deal with it and not let fear be your master. Let it show up or be a teacher of life regarding a certain situation.

People normally view fear as only being detrimental or unfavourable. Fear can be good for you as well as being bad for you.

Within Christianity there is this belief that all Christians must fear God. That the Bible says fear the Lord. Christians misread the understanding of this fear, as what it actual means is to have reverence of God. To value the being named God. To acknowledge the being of God for what it is as a powerful entity and, that this entity is in your life to help you. This type of fear is a wisdom that is meant for you to utilise and enjoy within your life. Fear is an experience that you wanted to experience in a particular form / in a certain way, in order to experience your life in this lifetime. It is an energetic aspect that you wanted to experience. God is not giving you the energy of fear. You wanted to experience fear before you came into this lifetime. The energy of God is of power and love. The energy of your Higher Self, Sovereign Self, God Self is of power, love and alignment.

Resuming the question of fear, why do you think that you become afraid? For a start, if you were to really think about it your list of reasons would be incredibly long. In addition to this, if you find that you are unable to identify your fear there is the likelihood that you will not be able to manage it adequately. For furtherance, let us move forward on this path. Have you ever been so afraid that you thought you could hardly move? Have you ever been so afraid that you did not know what to do next or how to handle a situation? Think about the cause of these fears of yours.


One of the reasons that you still have these fears in adulthood is that you have experienced and been aware of them from an early start in life. They are LEARNED ATTITUDES. For example, your father walking on the side nearest the road saying “Do not get close to the pavement kerb as your coat belt may get trapped in a passing car.” Your father was clearly expressing his love and attention for you as a child, but in your mind as a child you understood his words and actions to mean that cars are dangerous. Hence, it took you a while before you walked confidently and mindfully close to the edge of pavement kerbs on busy streets. Now with self assurance you zig-zag in and out of people when navigating streets full of pedestrians and take to walking close to the kerb, or on the road, when the streets are bustling with people.

So when people teach you things early in life there are times when you think that they are insignificant. That the lessons of life; as preached by your parents, is based on paying attention in all that you do, otherwise something terrible will happen to you. This has the ability to take root in your psyche, in your mindset and manifest into things to be fearful of. As a child, or as a young adult.


Another reason why you still have fears is your IMAGINATION. You have a fearful imagination of what something would be like. Your imagination has the propensity to keep you away from integrating in something which could bring you a joy that you have asked for. Sometimes it takes the listening or reading of someone else to coax you into making the step forward beyond the fear. Some people take a little longer if they have no-one in their life that is supportive of them moving forward in life; enabling their social mobility in other words. In such a situation it is the hold of the imagination that takes control of you and all that you do. When you let this fear control happen to you, you miss out on being a part of something special for your growth and development. Imagination is a fabulous creator, it is inspirational, but it can steer you in the wrong direction through the energy of fear if you let it. That kind of fear is a definite handicap to you and to your existence.


After your imagination, take a look at your IGNORANCE. Ignorance can cause you to be fearful. Consider the people who are similar to you in looks and similar to you in the locality of your upbringing. That these people, for example, believe that you should stay where you are in society, otherwise you would become confused and become lost in the ways of others. Staying put in your own community is where you belong and is your salvation amongst seemingly like-minded individuals. These people who are similar to you spend most of their time fighting amongst themselves about all of life’s situations. Situations in their community. Situations in their country. Situations across the globe. Now consider this. You are going to stumble and you are going to fall as you navigate life. In this lifetime you have made agreements with your Higher Self, Sovereign Self, God Self to attone for past, present and future transgressions. The agreement means that even if you make similar or graver transgressions later in life, you need to be able to learn from them and enable self discipline in addition to selflessness. When you do not learn this, you teach yourself faults, inaccuracy and distortion away from your true Self, thereby creating immense fear in your life and limiting your awareness and connection to communicate with your Higher Self, Sovereign Self, God Self. You remain attached to the realm energy of ignorance.


Following on from ignorance, there is the whole issue of DOUBT. When you live your life shrouded in doubt and doubting your communication to your Higher Self, Sovereign Self, God Self, you exacerbate the reasons to be afraid. That you spend your life doubting love from others and love of yourself is a fear aspect. That you doubt forgiveness is a fear aspect. That you doubt your spiritual development when you continually stumble at the same situations in life over and over again, feeling as though you have a barrier to life contentment, freedom and peace, this is a fear aspect of yours to take the next level to your spiritual growth.

You need to find a mantra that will see you through the fear. A mantra that connects with you and strengthens you. A simple mantra is:

Fear not. Fear not. Fear not.

Repeat it. Feel it. BELIEVE IT.

As already stated. Your Higher Self, Sovereign Self, God Self does not move in fear nor give you fear. Fear is something of this lifetime that you have entered and, that you are experiencing through your environment along with various social impacts that want to control you.

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If you are feeling ‘so-so’, or, not coping well over the current season as you try to manage things through self isolation or a lock-down situation, in addition to having risen to the status of being a HNW, UHNW or affluent professional woman; including you dealing with being different as your place in society changes, drop me an email. At this time of the year how are you feeling about the relationship with your own Self? The most important relationship in your life. How is that going?

“Ladies if it is getting hard for you, contact me. Come and contact me. I am here for you.” Now that you are here with me ask. Simply ask. Jay at RISE for women coaching. Enable your upper hand to work for you when you press the button.

I am a happy, smiling, rich woman who loves Face Everything And RISE coaching for UHNW & HNW Women because I like to use RISE and Trust coaching I am a happy, smiling, rich woman who loves Face Everything And RISE coaching for UHNW & HNW Women because I like to use RISE to Escape coaching I am a happy, smiling, rich woman who loves Face Everything And RISE coaching for UHNW & HNW Women because I like to use RISE and Succeed coaching

I am a happy, smiling, rich woman who loves Face Everything And RISE coaching for UHNW & HNW Women because I like to use RISE and Trust coaching