UHNW & HNW Women: Trusting Yourself Within The Cracks Of Your Life

I am a happy, smiling, rich woman who loves Face Everything And RISE coaching for UHNW & HNW Women because I like to use RISE and Trust coaching

UHNW and HNW Women
Trusting Yourself Within The Cracks Of Your Life

Living in affluence does not mean following or obeying the mainstream tribe of affluence. It means embracing YOUR difference & dealing with the calling of abundance from day to day.

Join today’s conversation on why you as an affluent professional woman, High Net Worth (HNW) or Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) Woman, should look carefully at your situation of enabling yourself to work within the cracks of your life and take the most appropriate actions that you feel you would be able to handle. Time is of the essence for you to get to grips with your fear and really live a free life. I understand that you want to achieve as much as possible as the years fly by. You are getting older and you feel there is still so much that you want to do before your time is up.

Mingled into this are the expectations of others. The others who are YOUR life partner (husband, fiance, boyfriend, gentleman friend, wife, girlfriend, lover, lady friend). The others who are YOUR family (near and distant, bloodline and step family). The others who are YOUR ‘friends’. The others who are YOUR colleagues. The others who are stakeholders in YOUR life.

You are an affluent professional woman, HNW or UHNW Woman and you have experienced a myriad of life trials and tribulations. You have been through levels of hate, stress, anger, self loathing, emotional upheaval, tears and tantrums. You have also danced along your life journey in the giddiness of joy, happiness, affection, glee, love, elation and adoration.

So, you are what you are and that is an affluent woman. You are shy or an introvert. Perhaps with low level autism. You live in an affluent home. You live an affluent lifestyle. You have weight fluctuations. You have dietary impulses. You have relationship quandaries. Yet presently you are dealing with cracks in your life that are causing you some concern. Perhaps you are thinking about your worth in your relationship. Perhaps you are thinking about your belief in your own self. You feel out of sorts somehow within your affluence. So today this is where you find yourself. Considering a change. Considering a release from something that is not sitting well within your existence as an affluent woman.

Hello Lovely,

First of all I have to tell you that I believe in you and your forthcoming transition and transformation. It is not easy to keep going and placing a brave face on things when there are substantial emotional, psychological or physical cracks in your life.

Could it be that perhaps these cracks are showing up because of cracks in your mindset? Are you someone with a mindset who is a Giver, an Innovator, a Rebel, a Perfectionist, a Master, a Connector or a Problem Solver? That through your mindset you have a habitual inclination to think the way that you do. That through your mindset you have an innate way of speaking as you do. That through your mindset you have a predisposition to do everything in the way that you do. That through your mindset your beliefs drive everything that you do. That through your mindset you do not take action without consulting with your deeply held beliefs.

Your mindset is a manifestation of your beliefs where your entire being at times feels blurred. Or, your entire being feels sliced. Or, feels glitched. Or your entire being feels half full. Or half empty if that is your mindset predilection.

You want to get to and remain at Full Body Self Development. As the image below shows.

UHNW & HNW Women: Trusting Yourself Within The Cracks Of Your Life

Yet in reality you are less than Full Body Self Development. You are more Half Self Development in your here and now life situation. With your life feeling like a blur at times. Or your life feeling as though it is in a perpetual glitch. Or perhaps you feel as though there are slices of your life that are missing and you are not sure how to fill the gaps. You basically feel out of sorts. Not truly in alignment with yourself.

UHNW & HNW Women: Trusting Yourself Within The Cracks Of Your Life
When you walk with anger, fear, worry or trauma along your path. Doing little to address its intensity to your life journey.

The various aspects of your female Self in relation to your micro-level life is considered below for you to ponder upon and then take action:

1. Your Social Self: Although you are economically self-sufficient, as a woman you find yourself at times half-heartedly engaging in activities of a community, because you feel peer pressured to contribute and show up more for the improvement of a neighbourhood in need. This is especially so when you are someone who is Shy, or as someone who is an Introvert, or has Autism. Social events have a tendency to make you feel awkward when you are in large groups of unknown people. Add to that the flurry of mass media cameras and you just want to get away. Add a mental health illness on top of it all and the social situation compounds itself further.

2. Your Physical Self: You find your physical development dwindling at times due to other commitments in your life taking a priority. You know that you physical development must be maintained in order to support your health and, carry the undertakings from your responsibilities as an affluent woman. Professionally. Socially. Personally. It is your state of being emotionally, mentally, physically and psychologically balanced that will contribute enormously to your productivity within your role as an affluent woman. Your physicality is the frame upon which all else stands and operates from.

3. Your Moral Self:  As an affluent woman there are times when you find your morals being tested or prodded by outsiders and stakeholders; family and friends, within your life. Although you try to maintain a high standard of morals consistently there are occasions when this is really tested. As an affluent and professional woman who has made her own way in the world you are busy in the circles of business. There are times when you meet or come across other business people or affluent people who have no set of morals and feel no obligations to society. This rarely sits well with you and you have to find a coping mechanism to deal with such people at business and social events. Dealing with these people at times eats away at you and your sense of morality. For you, your morality is as strong or even stronger than any religion, further to this, you apply it rigidly in all your endeavours in life because this is your moral compass that directs your life journey.

4. Your Spiritual Self:  There are changes happening within your life and often your Spiritual Self is neglected. As an affluent woman; whether self made affluence or through a relationship, you are being kept busy in your daily business to achieve the material desires in life. It is this chasing, or oneupmanship, or progression to your life that often forgets the need for spirituality. Where your Spiritual Self brings into your life a kind of balance or ability to manage through an inner peace / reflection. It is your life obligations chasing material goods / services that pushes aside your Spiritual Self and demotes it to something that can be taken care of at another time. So further and further down the line it goes in importance within your life journey. Until you are at a breaking point, or close to burn out that you realise that you need help in a spiritual way. That you require the assistance of your Spiritual Self to connect with whom you truly are and aid your recovery. You soon realise that your connection to your Higher Spiritual Self is very much personal and important. Important enough for you to realise that there must be a continual connection through a practice. Whether that be an hour of meditation in the morning and evening, or yoga, or Qi Gong, or a weekly healing / alignment session with a therapist. The realisation that finally dawns on you is one that speaks to you internally and reminds you to not put aside your Spiritual Self. That this Spiritual Self requires continual pursuit for the betterment of your affluent life.

5. Your Cultural Self: As an affluent woman who comes from a different cultural background, who has a childhood from a marginalised or disadvantaged upbringing you will always view the world from that aspect. This is where your life experiences were formed. As you left your birthplace and furthered your advancements in life your life journey developed an understanding of other cultures. Some prejudiced. Some not. To this day you are still developing culturally. You are choosing to selectively integrate and participate in cultural activities within communities where you feel that you want to belong or do belong.

6. Your Economic Self: As an affluent woman you want to prosper in all that you put your hand to. Whether that be your day job, or a charitable event. Coming from the wrong side of the tracks, or an impoverished background, you have decided that this life of yours will not be as others in your family. You are an affluent professional woman who has no desire to return to that part of life. A life based upon social security and handouts. You are thankful for the intervention of the state help to your family, but you do not want to be defined by it. This is not your pursuit as a strong minded business woman. A woman who has either been educated through a well-known university or through the University of Life. You are at a point in your life as an affluent woman who has her own company. Or, as an affluent woman who holds a highly sought after senior position within a top organisation. Your ability to remain economically self sufficient is a priority to you.

7. Your Technological Self: As an affluent woman you see the changes more acutely in business and the need to keep up-to-date of, or, abreast of advancements in IT. Hardware and software. Even if you are not in business, you see the changes in home and personal security that affluent people are turning to, in order to protect themselves, their family and their properties. As a professional woman you understand that you can use technologies and innovations to further elevate the quality of your life. The resources are many and can provide you with a plethora of economic purposes.  Yet with so much availability there is the prospect that you can become overwhelmed through the barrage of services and products. Where it is important that you have a modicum of understanding and are able to choose the service or product carefully. That your choice adds to your life and not diminish the quality of it. You are not looking to be a slave to technology. Quite the opposite. It is imperative that technologies become a slave to your needs, wants and desires. Yet does not rule it. You still want autonomy.

8. Your Political Self:  There are changes happening in politics. Not only where you are, but across the world. As you get older you view politics from the position of being an affluent woman, a business woman, a culturally different woman and a moral woman. You want politics to work for you and like-minded people as you. Not against you. Your affluence has had the ability to introduce you to other affluent people who have a hand in politics. Some you like, others not. Your affluence has opened doors to you politically. You have seen the spin doctors in action at first hand. If you could, you would dabble in the world of politics, but from your position at present the distance is a welcomed necessity. The time required to go full-time into politics is a luxury. Most importantly you do not want your private life drawn into the public gaze and do untold damage to your business and to your lifestyle. You have worked far too hard to get where you are and the lure of political power is not appetising enough to take that leap into the public sphere. Your life is sacred to you. It is not tabloid political fodder. There are other ways in which you can enter local politics and lead your group of followers towards a governance that sits well with them, including the ability to deal with their community affairs.

The  Full Body Self Development  shows a pattern or model of the holistic view of how a developed learning process can improve the lifestyle and function of affluent women.  Ultimately, that is through continuous personal and professional development. It is about taking steps. Steps that bring about incremental changes and results. No-one gets to 100% instantly. It is more common place for you to reach your desired destination in life through increments, for example 2%, 7%, 19%, 30%, so on and so forth to reach an attainment of 100% in each particular sphere of your life. It is important that you realise that the smaller steps are not failures but successes in those steps, because each step concerns a particular issue in your life that needs to be addressed and managed at different scales. Each step takes care of a glitch in your life. Each step takes care of a slice of your life that is missing. Each step takes care of a life blur, that then becomes focussed. Conquer each small step on the journey and you develop a more wholesome, positive and favourable aspect to your life. Thus, upgrading your life to the next level.

You use this understanding of your Full Body Self Development to align yourself for the better.

You will always come across people who will try to deter you and place you in misalignment through any one of the eight development issues mentioned above. It is your job to know yourself well enough to deal with each situation when it crops up. You need to recognise it at the earliest instance. You need not do all the remedial work on your own, but instead deal with it through a support team of individuals who have your back.

This is all about you enabling steps to bring about mutually beneficial changes and transformations, throughout various aspects of your life journey for the advancement of you.

This is why I believe in you.

UHNW & HNW Women: Trusting Yourself Within The Cracks Of Your Life

If you are feeling ‘so-so’, or, not coping well over the current season as you try to manage things through self isolation or a lock-down situation, in addition to having risen to the status of being a HNW, UHNW or affluent professional woman; including you dealing with being different as your place in society changes, drop me an email. At this time of the year how are you feeling about the relationship with your own Self? The most important relationship in your life. How is that going?

I am a happy, smiling, rich woman who loves Face Everything And RISE coaching for UHNW & HNW Women because I like to use RISE and Trust coaching

“Ladies if it is getting hard for you, contact me. Come and contact me. I am here for you.” Now that you are here with me ask. Simply ask. Jay at RISE for women coaching. Enable your upper hand to work for you when you press the button.

I am a happy, smiling, rich woman who loves Face Everything And RISE coaching for UHNW & HNW Women because I like to use RISE and Trust coaching I am a happy, smiling, rich woman who loves Face Everything And RISE coaching for UHNW & HNW Women because I like to use RISE to Escape coaching I am a happy, smiling, rich woman who loves Face Everything And RISE coaching for UHNW & HNW Women because I like to use RISE and Succeed coaching

I am a happy, smiling, rich woman who loves Face Everything And RISE coaching for UHNW & HNW Women because I like to use RISE and Trust coaching